A Tale of Leaves and Silk and Wool

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Cassidy Wright | 0 Comments

   The transformation of The Moon was set into motion in 2013 when Cass and I were sucked into swirling tornadoes of breaking... ending... changing. After testing us for all we were worth the tornadoes dropped us in a place we did not know...and we crawled bruised and confused into a textile cocoon.
     We rested and thought and thought and rested and began making a plan. We believed we were making a bridal line, but along came a sheep and a silkworm, one riding entwined with the other, and their relationship was so fantastical we just had to follow them for a while...We set up camp together and talked around the fire at night, the sheep spinning yarns, the silkworm weaving webs, and we watched and asked questions and listened.
     We continued to travel and camp with the sheep and silkworm for many rotations of time. {Did I mention that the sheep is a merino sheep?} And their stories reminded us of stories we already knew and loved, stories told to us by other tellers. We began collecting the yarns spun by sheep and the webs woven by silkworm and took to bundling them with leaves we found scattered around camp, left by a story teller named India Flint .....
     One bright blue day, we rose from our tents and steeped our bundles in the cauldron while hummingbirds buzzed close and ants flew from cracks in the ground. We left our bundles to sit under several moons and when we returned we opened them and saw what we had learned {And squealed with joy!}
{Tale by Cory}



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