Woodswalker Scarf one-off #4
Woodswalker Scarf one-off #4

Woodswalker Scarf one-off #4

The Woodswalker Scarf is one of our most versatile garments. In addition to being a scarf of many styles, it can also be worn as a capelet, skirt, or dress. This is a fantastic travel garment. Take it on a journey with you and I’m sure you’ll agree!

This cowl scarf is made from a very special blend of merino wool and silk chosen for its longevity and sensuality. It’s soft and silky, yet warm and breathable.

We dye each scarf by hand with natural dyes, making every one unique; like a fingerprint of the forest or the dyer herself. The dynamic visual quality comes from a magical dye technique in which wild harvested leaves print directly into the fabric.

  +  Fiber Content: 90% Merino Wool 10%Silk

  +  Dye: windfallen, wild harvested, and garden grown leaves

  +  Wash: Hand wash cold with a PH neutral soap, hang or lay flat to dry

  +  Handmade in Oakland California.

  +  Fabrics are 100% natural fiber.

  +  Plant dyed by hand in our outdoor dye studio.

This is a one-of-a-kind garment. You will receive the exact item pictured.



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