Geode Tank in Latte
Geode Tank in Latte
Geode Tank in Latte
Geode Tank in Latte

Geode Tank in Latte

Our Sericulture Tank is sensuously sexy, with a glowing luminescence to its color and texture. This silk tank has the delightful quality of keeping you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. Versatile in season and occasion; don this top to dress up your jeans, or pair with a skirt for special occasion (or just wear it every day with everything like we do)!

This tank is made from a luxurious knit silk. We love the way this fabric softens and shapes to the body over time, becoming a sensual second skin.

We dye our shirts by hand with natural dyes, making each one unique; like a fingerprint of the forest or the dyer herself. Their dynamic visual quality comes from a magical dye technique in which wild harvested leaves print directly into the fabric.

  +  Fiber Content: 100%Silk

  +  Dye: Yellow onion skins

  +  Wash: Machine wash on a cold/gentle cycle, hang to dry

  +  Handmade in Oakland California.

  +  Fabrics are 100% natural fiber.

  +  Plant dyed by hand in our outdoor dye studio.

       Sizes             Bust             Waist               Hip

         XS             31 - 32           25 - 26           33 - 36

          S              32 - 34           26 - 27            36 - 38

          M             34 - 36           27 - 29            38 - 40

          L              36 - 39           29 - 31            40 - 43

         XL            39 - 42           31 - 34            43 – 46

      (Our model Mirishae is shown in a size Medium)

Because of the variability inherent in natural dyes, the garment you receive will be unique, and may be different from the ones pictured.



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