Plant Dye Workshop for Schools
Plant Dye Workshop for Schools
Plant Dye Workshop for Schools

Plant Dye Workshop for Schools


Paid to Cory Gunter Brown: $360

Paid to The Moon: $3 per student material fee

“This is the best thing we’ve done all year!” - Teacher

 Class Content

  • Each student will dye their own raw silk bandana using a natural plant dye technique called Eco-Printing or Leaf Dyeing. This technique involves bundling plant material with fabric in such a way that the leaves dye their own image into the fabric. Students will work together using sticks, leaves, string, water, and heat to make beautiful one of a kind bandanas that can be used in a number of ways; napkin, bindle, headband, hand towel, wall hanging, etc.
  • Before about 150 years ago, all dyes were natural dyes, made from plants, minerals, and insects. Cultures all over the world developed techniques for working with these dyes to make color and pattern on textiles for thousands of years. Now almost all dyes are synthetic, and the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry. But there are still places where natural dyes are used today, and many people are working together worldwide to learn these ancient practices before this knowledge is lost.


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