The Moon is a Slow Fashion boutique and design studio in Oakland California. We carry our own line of handmade clothing as well as natural, plant based home and body goods from other local makers. 

We make feminine clothing using the gifts that plants, animals, and minerals share with us. We make our garments in our Oakland studio from natural fibers and dye them by hand with natural plant dyes; leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and extracts. They are living, breathing creations that are imprinted with the scents, energy, and often the images of the plants they are dyed with.

We work with merino wool, hemp, silk, and organic cotton fabrics. When collecting dyes, we favor wild invasive species and garden grown plants. As a result, our work and our clothing change with the seasons. In the summer we focus on natural indigo and in the spring and fall we work with extracts and wild harvested plants.

The Moon is made of Cassidy Wright and Cory Gunter Brown, Oakland/East Bay born and raised daughters of artists and longtime family friends. We love to make beautiful things that are socially and environmentally friendly, with a lot of help from our friends!

We’d like to offer our gratitude to the plants, creatures and teachers who make our work possible…

The leaves, petals, roots, bolls, and bark.

The sheep, moths, and our human friends.

Our teachers India Flint, Sasha Duerr, Aboubakar Fofana, Kathy Hattori and Angelina DeAntonis.