Clothing care:

Cotton, silk, or hemp fabrics: Machine wash gentle in cold water. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

Wool: Use a no-rinse wool wash like Eucalan or Soak. Simply wet the garment in a basin of water with wool wash, and gently swish it around for a minute. Don’t leave it to soak. After washing, gently squeeze the water from your garment and roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture. Hang or lay flat, and allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

Detergent: Natural dyes are sensitive to shifts in PH, so we recommend washing with a PH neutral natural detergent. Avoid detergents containing bleach, baking soda, fabric softeners, or enzymes. Ecover is our favorite natural detergent, but there are many that will work fine. Avoid pouring detergent directly on the fabric.

Natural dyes are living colors that will mature with age, exposure to sunlight, and normal use, the colors will often shift and change over time.

Acidic foods such as citrus juice and vinegar can lighten natural dye colors if spilled on the naturally dyed fabric.

Antiperspirants containing aluminum can change the color of naturally dyed items.