Indigofera Bandana in Rain Path
Indigofera Bandana in Rain Path
Indigofera Bandana in Rain Path
Indigofera Bandana in Rain Path

Indigofera Bandana in Rain Path

Our Indigofera Bandana is a magic multi-purpose square! It can be a kerchief, a head scarf, a furoshiki bag, gift wrap, a hand towel, and a handkerchief. The only limit is your imagination!

This bandana is made from an organic cotton jersey spun and knit in California from fiber grown in California and India. This fabric is soft, strong, and made without spandex for increased longevity. Our organic cotton is made without the use of bleach or other chemicals, and doesn’t pollute groundwater or get saturated with herbicides and pesticides.

All of our Indigofera garments have been hand dyed (by us) in our Oakland studio in a nontoxic dye vat made with organic indigo, fructose, and hydrated lime. We create the patterns using different types of shibori resist techniques involving folding, tying, or stitching.

Indigo dyeing is a technique that has been practiced around the world for over 5000 years. There are many cultures that have indigo dye traditions, each with their own attendant folklore, techniques, and cultural significance of the dye. There are as many ways to build and care for a vat as there are blues that come from it. Indigo brings us the tremendous gift of adorning ourselves in the many hues of our sky from dawn to dusk.

  +  Fiber Content:  100% Cotton

  +  Dye:  Organic Indigo extract

  +  Wash: Machine wash on a cold/gentle cycle, hang to dry

  +  Handmade in Oakland California.

  +  Fabrics are 100% natural fiber.

  +  Plant dyed by hand in our Oakland studio.

Because of the variability inherent in natural dyes, the garment you receive will be unique, and may differ from the ones pictured.

 (Bandanna shown on Sophie and Deatrice)

 Necklace by Holly Bobisuthi

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